– Evangelist Kolade Segun-Okeowo (Believers in Politics)

The allegations that politics involves rituals and voodoo practices has led so many to conclude that politics is not meant for believers. To allege that politics involve rituals is correct and cannot be denied. Having been involved in politics for almost a decade, I will be hypocritical and untruthful to deny the existence of rituals, fetishism and voodoo practices in politics.
However it is also completely wrong to assume that all politicians are involved in occultism or fetish rituals. In my few years of active involvement in politics I have met a few sound Christians who are not ready to compromise their faith for any political largesse.
On the other hand, I have also met many, Christians (or should I say Church goers) who see no big deal in getting involved in occultism to advance political gains. For them, the end justifies the means.
In one particular pitiable case, I met a young Christian politician from a Pentecostal background who lamented to me about how some godfathers lured him to take an oath in exchange for a promised political opportunity. He succumbed and performed the oath rituals only for him to be jettisoned and the promised opportunity never given to him. He felt very bad and guilty afterwards. He also wept bitterly.
Yes some Politicians use rituals. They are using what they know, because it is a spiritual war. So you can’t blame them. Since we have better spiritual weapons, let’s show them. A Christian who knows his rights and priviledges in Christ Jesus don’t have to and will not join them in such demonic ventures.


1. RITUALS OF PROTECTION: The fact that politics is a battle cannot be underestimated. In a bid to have undue advantage over opponents, some politicians resort to all manners of tricks, demonic manipulations and physical violence in order to have upper hand over their colleagues. Knowing these, each one looks for superior diabolical powers to outdo their opponent. The cycle is unending as the quest for powers of protection continue.
When I first joined politics, some of my first admirers who didn’t fully understand my spiritual convictions came and presented all kinds of protective antidotes to me asking me to do some things to ward off evil. On one occasion, a young man, one of my earliest political coordinators approached me and explained to me why I needed to fortify myself against gunshots and machete attacks.
He told me I needed to do some rituals to appease “Ogun” the god of iron. He explained that if I do, gunshots and machete cuts will never penetrate. I simply smiled and explained to him why I couldn’t do what he suggested.
I said “What you have suggested may not be a bad idea for some people, but for me it is a deadly idea” He wondered why, then I further explained to him “You know when he man has headache and uses Panadol or any other analgesic, the drug will work if the patient is convinced of its efficacy” He nodded in agreement.
Then I continued “But you see, if the man looks at the drug and sneers at it calling it ‘ordinary chalk’, what do you think will happen?” He responded sharply “It won’t work because he has no belief in it”
Then I proceeded to explain to him that the ritual or appeasement to Ogun the god of iron which he has asked me to do will fail out rightly because my faith is not attached. Then I warned of the likely backfire effect on him if he should sponsor me for the ritual.
At that point, he said I should not bother any longer. Since then, he has never raised the issue with me again. Not long after, he followed me to an outreach where he gave his life to Christ.
To the glory of god and the shame of the devil, I have been involved in local politics for close to a decade now and He alone has been my shield and protector

2. RITUALS OF ALLEGIANCE: Politicians hardly trust each other, so they resort to oath taking in order to be assured of each other’s loyalty and honesty. Usually, superiors use oaths of allegiance to tie down would be appointees, candidates and party officials knowing full well that such may become uncontrollable once they are sworn into office. They do this to ensure the control of the resources and privileges the offices confer on the holders.
These rituals are usually held in secret locations with the aid of highly demonic occult Priests. The parties involved are required to eat sacrificial items and say words of allegiance to each other promising to back each other up to the point of political success, with a promise of standing with each other in the point of victory.
Warnings of sanctions and potential evil occurrences in case of defaults or sabotage are given as each pledge allegiance.
Sometimes, high office holders, like governors of chairmen of Local government require his legislators who are capable of impeaching him or causing stumbling block on his way of “progress’ to pledge occultic oaths of allegiance to him. in return , they are assured of the governors/Chairman’s fat patronage and consistent distribution of largesse.
In one nasty situation, a popular godfather in one of the South Western States allegedly required would -be party flag bearers and beneficiaries of his largesse to lie in a wooden coffin and say words of perpetual allegiance to him, vowing never to leave his camp and accepting the fatal consequences of any form of sabotage.
However, the other side of this is that such rituals can actually be fake or stage-managed to bring the swearing protégé into perpetual fear and bondage. With a few scaring looking items purchased in the open market such as cowries, feathers of uncommon birds, animal skulls added to some palm fronds and other messy objects, a candidate or office holder may be cowed into making some vows and promises under pressure.
Another secret is that, one of the parties to this kind of occultic ritual of allegiance after making vows and promises may actually secretly proceed to obtain antidotes (ero) of the oath of allegiance either from the same priests or some other occultic forces thereby exonerating him/her from any nasty consequences in case he/she decides to opt out or default.
This is one of the reasons why a child of God involved in politics must never toy with the idea of joining the unbelieving politicians in any form of rituals. I was once threatened by some godfathers in my Local Government that I should join in an oath of allegiance as failure to do so will deny me of clinching the ticket to represent the party. Of course I rejected flatly and to the Glory of God after some naughty shenanigans, I emerged the candidtae of the pary without soiling my hands.
Child of god stay away from rituals in politics!!!

3. RITUALS OF GOODLUCK & VICTORY: For many involved in politics, electoral victory is a do or die affair, thus they go all out to do anything as long s it will guarantee winning the election. Thus, they approach spiritists and occult priests to appease gods on their behalf and make highly demonic invocations to make them win elections.
A video once went viral on the social media a few years ago of a notable politician in Lagos state who performed a ritual while sitting on a horse nakedly and bathing with what appeared to be herbal concoction. In the video, he conjured all kinds of invocations and incantations while “praying” for victory in the “forthcoming” elections.
In some cases, the use of human sacrifices may be employed. This is to invoke highly demonic powers to be at work on their behalf to ensure victory. This explain why kidnapping and dissappeareances are ussualy on the increses as electtoions draw near.
This also explains why childeren of god must arise and take dominoion in the place of politics. If politicians who are to win elections and decide the fate of the citizens includeing believeres have been involved in sacrficfes, occultic oaths etc, it should not be a wonder that the prayers we pray over the nation tends to fall off as the ruler have dedicated politcal thrones to idolatory, fitishism and babaric sacifices.
It is raelly a shame.
4. RITUALS OF OCCULTIC GROUPS: In order to belong to the groups of the powers that be, some politicians find themselves having to join a fraternity or occult group. they do this to have access to power, opportunities and largesse especially within the political circles.
To join these groups, of course a new member will have to go through some rites of initiations which may involve sacrifices depending on the level and status of the membership cadre or the group in question.
To be sure, membership of these groups may confer certain rights and priviledges, however those involved are not having the best of times.
In my relationship with politicians and traditional rulers, I once sat with a high chief and politicians whose daughter was sick. I had gone to pray for the lady who was a childhood friend. In emotional pains, the old man told me of his regrets and made a staement i would never forget in my life. he said “A fa i mo awo m bebe a ti wo awo, omo awo m bebe ona abayo, olowo n f’owo ra iku awo ona ajobo” (Meaning: The uninitiated seeks entrance, the initiates seeks a way of escape; cultism: the self inflicted pain)
I learnt from that old man that after staying in occult groups for years and getting all the seemingly rosy advantages, the membership becomes a burden as they need to pay certain royalties and pledges to the cult.
During one of the elections I contested, some politicians watched me pitiably as I went round doing my consultations and campaign. They approached a relation of mine and asked him to speak to me to join a as cult that will confer on me some political benefits. They could not approach me directly knowing my antecedents and exploits as a televangelists, so the option of my relation speaking to me a was considered a better alternative. My relation simply said okay and never told me anything.
Several months later, I got to know of the discussion they had with my relation. I asked him why he never bothered to pass the message of the cult to me. He simply looked at me and said “Why wasting my time when I already knew what you will say” My heart rejoiced in me.
Child of God, you must never hide your identity. Never be apologetic of your faith neither do you need an explanation of why you are a Christian. You have the constitutional and moral rights to be a politician and govern because you are a Nigerian and of age, so you need no apology.
I beg you, steer clear of rituals and evil activities. Politicians know how to stain your reputation. Some years ago, pictures of members of a State House of Assembly were released online via the social media. A young man in one of the pictures was stark naked and holding a calabash. Apparently, the pictures were taken by the same people who invited him to take the oath of allegiance. So, beware of invitations to meetings especially, nocturnal ones. Don’t make the mistake of trying to belong! Therefore, seeking to join a cult for political gains is nothing but arrant nonsense and stupidity.
Child of God…don’t you ever give it a thought.

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